HMRC launches 13,000 investigations into covid claim abuse


HMRC has launched almost 13,000 investigations into suspected abuses of the government’s coronavirus financial support schemes, including the furlough scheme and the Self-employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS). If you are worried that your business will be caught up in these investigations, you can rest easy – JW Hinks can offer you all the protection you need.

A freedom of information request revealed that HMRC had opened 12,828 investigations into alleged cases of fraud by the end of March this year. 7,384 of these claims were made to Covid-19 support schemes, with 5,020 investigations launched into SEISS claims.

A spokesperson for HMRC commented on the matter, saying:

“It is vital we support businesses to recover by ensuring a level playing field, so the majority are not undercut by the few who tried to cheat the system. We are taking tough action to tackle fraudulent behaviour. We have now opened more than 12,000 inquiries into claimants we suspect may have kept more than they were entitled to. We have also begun a handful of criminal investigations.”

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