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A comprehensive solution for all your accountancy and business consultancy needs

At JW Hinks, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of the services we offer, but on their holistic nature. Whether you are a business owner or a large corporate, our friendly, professional, team won’t let you down.

Accounting Services

Standard services

Our Accounting Service is a dedicated service that can help support your business growth by taking away the stresses of managing your accounts with the flexibility to suit your requirements. Our specialists offer all aspects of accounting services including end of year accounts, monthly or quarterly management accounts, VAT calculations & submissions, business planning, forecasting, and bookkeeping. We can service any size of business, be that a Limited Company, Sole Trader or Partnership.

Online accounting

At JW Hinks, we can support you on a range of cloud-based accountancy packages such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage One. This is a regulatory obligation, which we can ensure you are meeting in full – but it is also an opportunity to help future-proof your business with the latest cloud-based accountancy solutions. Benefits include streamlined processes, access to up-to-the-minute information about your accounts at the touch of a button, the creation and delivery of invoices online, the ability to manage your accounts on the move with a smartphone app, and more.

Furthermore, all businesses with a turnover above the VAT threshold (£85,000) are required to keep digital records for VAT purposes and provide this information to HMRC using compatible software. Once your business is eligible, it will remain so – regardless of future turnover and other factors.



Business legal support services

Running a business comes with multiple challenges around employment, commercial, and health & safety issues – and meeting those challenges requires expert advice. Clients that take advantage of our business support services have unhindered telephone access to qualified solicitors and barristers 24/7. With everything included in just one price, you can get unlimited advice in plain English whenever it suits you. Perhaps best of all, not only does this service protect your business from risk, but clients who sign up for it will also receive our tax investigations package, which covers the professional accountancy costs you might otherwise incur in the event of an HMRC investigation or enquiry.


Audit & assurance

Audits are not just something you have to do when required – they are a beneficial tool for businesses. A professional audit provides unequivocal evidence of the integrity of your accounts – useful whether you’re talking to regulators, investors, bankers, or customers. Our highly qualified team of dedicated professionals will take the time to really get to know your business, finding opportunities for improvement and cost cutting. And if a statutory audit is not a requirement, we can provide an assurance report instead which provides a lower level review, and should be more than enough to satisfy most organisations’ needs. Our core audit services are:

  • Statutory audits: a traditional audit carried out in accordance with International Auditing Standards for a variety of sectors and legislation
  • Voluntary audits and assurance work: a full audit carried out in accordance with International Auditing Standards, guaranteed to enhance management accountability and integrity
  • Due diligence: used to confirm all the material facts needed to secure the acquisition of a new business
  • Specialist audits: audits for specialist assignments, such as client money reports for financial services or audits of UK subsidiaries of foreign-controlled companies

Pension audit

Occupational pension schemes require a wide range of audit and accountancy services, and our proactive team of technical pension experts can advise trustees in all pension-related areas. In addition to areas such as trustee training, assurance reporting on internal controls, and employer covenant reviews, we can also provide specialist assistance with the latest Statement of Recommended Practice. This lays out the best practices for financial accounting and reporting of pension schemes. 


Corporation and personal tax planning

Tax is a significant issue for any business or individual. You need to stay compliant with HMRC, but don’t want to pay more than you need to. If you are a business owner, our expert team can deal with all tax compliance issues, including the preparation and submission of partnership and corporation tax returns, ensuring you stay within regulatory guidelines. At the same time, we know how to make the most of all the allowances and reliefs available to minimise your tax bill, and will deal with all the queries and correspondence between your company and HMRC, saving you valuable time and money. And for individuals, we can tailor our service to your particular financial circumstances, including issues such as income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, and the complex residence and domicile tax regime. 

HMRC enquiries

If you or your business are the focus of a tax investigation, then you need expert help – and we can represent you in the most effective way possible. We are experienced at handling tax investigations at the highest and most complex level, and have detailed knowledge about tax legislation and compliance. We also offer an insurance scheme that covers the fee for additional accountancy work incurred during the investigation, which can be substantial.

Inheritance tax planning

Seeking expert advice on how to protect your assets in the event of your death will provide a better future for your family once you have gone. We can work with individuals to minimise inheritance tax liability, reviewing their estate and will to ensure that they are as tax-efficient as possible. There are a range of tax minimisation opportunities, including trusts and the use of gifts and exemptions – we can help you make the most of them, providing security for your family when they need it most.

Investments and pensions

In conjunction with expert financial planners at Hayden Kilkelly, we can provide independent professional advice on all aspects of financial planning, investment portfolio management, and mortgages. Hayden Kilkelly possess the coveted ‘Chartered Financial Planners’ status, and have earned a reputation as high-quality providers..

Pensions Tax Charge

Following the introduction of the tapered annual allowance in April 2016, several taxpayers have been subjected to large tax charges on excess pension growth/contributions. In most cases, the tax is due at 45%, being their highest rate of tax. When calculating any pension tax charges the taxpayer’s ‘threshold income’ and ‘adjusted income’ must be considered. Unutilised brought forward allowances from the previous three tax years can also be deducted from any charge arising. It is possible to elect for the pension scheme to pay any tax charge arising by submitting a ‘scheme pays’ request, providing deadlines are met. Alternatively, the tax is payable via self-assessment. This is a complicated area in which JW Hinks can be of assistance, either alongside the completion of your tax return, or as a stand-alone service. We can also put you in contact with a financial advisor who is very experienced in the NHS pension scheme.



Your business can save itself time and money by outsourcing your payroll facility to us. We specialise in small and medium-sized businesses, and are always up-to-date with frequently changing regulations. Our comprehensive administration and processing service for payrolls can be tailored to suit your specific needs, and is completely paperless – and it also includes payroll advice. That means you get the benefit of a payroll team that has years of experience in the field, without having to deal with the costs of doing it in-house.

Auto-enrolment and re-enrolment

All businesses are required to automatically enrol any members of staff aged 22 and older into a workplace pension scheme. And even when your members of staff opt-out of such a scheme, you’re obligated to re-enrol them every three years. This involves a number of tasks for employers, such as choosing re-enrolment dates and completing redeclarations of compliance, all of which we can help you with. 

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