The tax efficiency checklist: maximise your tax efficiency before year end – 5 April 2024


With year end fast approaching, this is your last chance to ensure you don’t pay HMRC more than you owe in tax. Year end is 5 April 2024, so you have no time to waste – go through this checklist, and ensure you haven’t left any opportunity to minimise your tax bill:

Allowable expenses

  • Have you claimed all of your allowable expenses yet?
  • Do you have all your paid invoices properly recorded? Chase up anything outstanding now.
  • Do your receipts go back the full six years? Make sure to keep them that long going forward.

Pension contributions

  • Maximise your tax efficiency by making pension contributions through your limited company.
  • You should also make sure that you’ve carried forward any unused allowance from the previous three years.
  • Make sure to include your partner or spouse’s allowance, too.


  • Have you used your and your partner’s full ISA allowance?
  • If it’s available, have you used the full junior ISA allowance of £9,000?

Inheritance tax

  • Make sure that you use your full £3,000 per year allowance. Remember, it’s £3,000 per year, NOT per person!
  • You can give the entire £3,000 of money (or gifts) to one person or split it between many.
  • This exemption can be carried over for one year… did you use last year’s?

Dividend allowance

  • Assuming you take a salary of £9,100, then…
  • You get £3,470 taxed at 0%.
  • £1,000 dividend allowance taxed at 0%.
  • And the remainder of the basic rate band of £36,700 is then taxed at the rate of 8.75%.

What else can you do?
You can reduce your company’s liability to Corporation Tax by making contributions into your pension scheme as part of your remuneration package.

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