How charities should consider planning for the future


How charities should consider planning for the future

When they’re thinking about ways to set future strategy, charities should take note of the mistakes made by other organisations.

One recent example is the Charity Commission’s report on the failure of Kids Company, which provides guidance for how charities can improve their practices in regards to governance and finances. At JW Hinks, we urge everyone in the sector to study this document and apply the learning therein to their own organisations.

It is also worthwhile for charities to study how other organisations have been affected by fraud and ensure that their own organisations have appropriate safeguards in place to avoid similar situations.

Of course, a major focus for charities in the near future will be the conflict in Ukraine. The sector’s regulator has issued guidance on how charities can help the Ukrainian people while also protecting themselves, and we once more urge charities to read and digest these guidelines.

The charity sector faces a number of challenges which are unlikely to disappear in the short term. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, it became very clear that charitable institutions often have the necessary agility, transparency, and aptitude to adjust to change. These capabilities will likely be fundamental in many charities’ continued success over the coming years.

Two further things that can help charities overcome the challenges facing them are committed volunteers and generous donations. With that in mind, JW Hinks is pleased to announce the continuation of our annual charity support plan. This year’s charity, which we will support from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023, is Let’s Feed Brum.

Let’s Feed Brum is a wonderful initiative dedicated to providing those who live on the streets with food, drink, essential supplies, and friendship. It collects food that would otherwise be wasted from restaurants, cafes and other businesses to donate to people in need, operates “walkabouts” every night to hand out supplies, holds weekly breakfast events at Birmingham Cathedral and more.

We’ll be sure to update you on our work with Let’s Feed Brum later in the year, but in the meantime, you can learn more about it here.

If you operate a charity and are looking for sound financial advice, contact JW Hinks on 0121 456 0190. Our friendly team of experts have many years of experience working with organisations in the sector and can ensure your charity runs as successfully as possible while meeting all of its regulatory obligations.

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