Have you explored this new route to low-cost financing?


“In a challenging economy, doing the right thing for the planet might also be the right thing for your business”

If you want your business to thrive, then access to cheaper financing is more important than ever. In fact, given today’s uncertain economic and political climate, low-cost capital is more than attractive – it could be a necessity. ‘Green financing’ can provide that capital, helping to keep businesses afloat in times of need.

Green financing is the result of more and more lenders providing attractive ‘green rates’ to businesses that can demonstrate they are meeting sustainability criteria, as efforts to avert climate change ramp up. Reaching net-zero emissions is now a crucial policy goal not just for British politicians, but for international, intragovernmental bodies like the UN.

You should move now to avoid being left behind

It is not just politicians and policymakers that are talking big when it comes to going green. The executives of companies throughout the world are expected to make major changes to their business processes in order to achieve net-zero emissions goals. However, many of them do not know how to access this important economic lifeline.

The ACCA and IMA Global Economic Conditions Survey for Q2 2022 highlighted an important knowledge gap, with businesses stating they were “underinformed on climate finance opportunities and climate risk management”. At JW Hinks, we want to close that knowledge gap for our clients, ensuring they are making the most of any financial opportunities available to them.

It is vital that businesses understand that competitive advantage may be fuelled by green financing. Organisations will also accelerate value generation if they integrate sustainability into every process, minimising waste, maximising efficiency, and making themselves more attractive to an increasingly climate-conscious public.

Ultimately, access to green financing is part of a larger transition that businesses should be making towards more sustainable, environmentally friendly, practices. This transition will not only give them access to low-cost capital, but also help to future-proof them against the worst effects of climate change, changing public mood, and volatile business conditions. Additionally, it will, of course, help to save the planet.

At JW Hinks, we are keen to make a positive impact in the fight against climate change. We are also keen to help our clients access any help to which they are entitled. If you are interested in accessing green financing and you require help to ensure your business is eligible, or to apply, contact JW Hinks on 0121 456 0190.

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