A five-step plan to futureproof your business


Reacting to problems when they occur is not a strategy suitable for today’s high-paced business environment. To flourish, your small business must be proactive, predicting future trends, difficulties, and opportunities. Taking the initiative can have long-lasting positive effects on your business. For example, planning and implementing financial plans ahead of time may boost efficiency, improve financial performance, and reduce risk.

To help your business survive and thrive in the modern world, here are our five top tips for future proofing your business

1. Consider the future carefully

Staying proactive means regularly reviewing your objectives and how you want your firm to grow in the coming year. It is natural for business owners to want to be present and aware of how their company is performing in the now, but neglecting or failing to consider future plans will only make things more difficult in the future.

2. Budgeting and financial forecasting

Regular financial forecasting can assist your small business in identifying possible financial challenges and taking necessary action. Budgeting, on the other hand, serves as a guide for your financial activity. It specifies where and how your resources will be allocated. A well-crafted budget acts as a financial guide, allowing you to make smart decisions based on your anticipated income and spending.

3. Risk management

You may detect possible hazards and weaknesses for your firm by evaluating financial trends and patterns. These dangers might range from cash flow problems and cost overruns to noncompliance with tax requirements. Once you have recognised your risks, you may devise measures to manage them, such as diversifying your revenue streams, cutting non-essential spending, or employing tax planning strategies.

4. Thinking strategically

Financial data provides vital insights into your company’s overall performance and possibilities for development. It may assist you in identifying successful company sectors, assessing the viability of new business ventures, and determining the best methods to deploy resources for optimal return.

Obtaining a comprehensive view of your company’s financial health is a huge step forward, allowing you to set realistic, data-driven objectives and devise ways to meet them.

5. Getting the most out of technology

You can monitor your business and performance more quickly and easily with contemporary software and smoother, digital technologies. At JW Hinks, we can help you to produce a detailed examination of your finances and offer projections based on this information.

If you would like to discuss your business strategy with expert advisors, or want help future proofing your small business, call JW Hinks on 0121 456 0190. Our team of friendly and experienced experts can help you to leave no stone unturned in your efforts to make your business as robust and effective as it can be.

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