Chancellor Rishi Sunak offers more support to businesses stuck in Tier 2 lockdowns


The government has expanded its job support scheme for businesses trying to operate under Tier 2 restrictions, and will now pay a much greater proportion of furloughed workers’ wages. Tier 2 restrictions ban the indoor mixing of households and applies the rule of six to outside settings. As a result, pubs, restaurants, and other social businesses have been hit hard.

Previously, employees in Tier 2 locations had to work 33% of their hours to be included in the job support scheme – and employers had to pay 33% of wages for their employees’ unworked hours. Those requirements have now shifted: employees will only need to work 20% of their hours, and employers will only be expected to cover 5% of wages for unworked hours.

Additionally, hospitality, accommodation and leisure sector businesses stuck in Tier 2 or Tier 3 will now receive a £2,100 grant for each month under restrictions – and these grants will be backdated to August.

Sunak also announced new support for the self-employed: profits covered by the government’s self-employed grants will also double, from 20% to 40%, meaning that the maximum grant is now £3,750 instead of £1,875.

This is a large turnaround for Sunak, and could come with as much as a £10 billion bill. But the Chancellor has told MP’s on Thursday that he makes “no apology [for] responding to changing circumstances.”

Having met with business groups and unions earlier in the day, he added: “The impact of the health restrictions on their businesses is worse than they hoped – they recognise the importance of controlling the spread of the virus, but a significant fall in consumer demand is causing profound economic harm to their industry. It is clear that open, but struggling businesses, require further support.”

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