Inheritance tax planning

Death may be a subject we prefer not to think about too much, but seeking expert advice now will help individuals protect their assets for their family in the future.

We will work with individuals to identify ways to minimise their inheritance tax liabilities, reviewing their estate – including their personal and business assets – and their will, to ensure that they are as tax-efficient as possible.

We’ll also look at tax minimisation opportunities, including trusts, and advise on ways to make best use of the gifts and exemptions allowed under the inheritance tax regime, including lifetime and annual gifts.

We can also advise on life insurance policies written in trust, which removes the proceeds of the policy from future inheritance tax liability.

We will also advise on planning to give individuals financial security during their lifetime and make arrangements that take into consideration the possible need for long-term care in the future.

For more information on our inheritance tax planning services, please contact Dan Morgan.